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Dessert, Fruit

Brandied Grapes

A decedent dessert that has basis in historical fact. Storing thing in alcohol to preserve them has roots in antiquity. Which is probably why even today, we refer to intoxication as ‘being pickled’.


  • 1-2 bunches ripe grapes (use large table grapes, like Hanepoot, Flame, or even Concorde)
  • 1 bottle brandy
  • Powdered (superfine) sugar



  1. Wash the ripe bunches well and snip off the grapes with stalks intact.
  2. Prick with a needle, pack into sterilized jars and sprinkle each layer with sugar.
  3. Fill the jars with brandy and screw tops closed.
  4. Keep for two weeks, shaking gently occasionally to keep sugar dissolved.




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